(A brief synopsis follows, a full briefing and list of rules will be given before play commences. Copies are available upon request)

Please try to get on site for ~0900h to give yourself time to sign in, set up and get guns chronographed.

Game Timings

Safety Brief – 10:00

Lunch- 12:30 – 13:30
Endex- 16:00

All weapons MUST be made safe, and have magazines removed in the safe zone.  If you do not know how to make a weapon safe, please ask a member of staff, before you head out for your first game.

Eye protection must be worn at all times in the gaming area. We strongly recommend full face masks, kite marked or BS EN marked safety glasses are the minimum.

All players must sign in for insurance reasons, players under 16 must be countersigned by a parent/guardian.

Under 16s must have a Parent/guardian or carer complete a consent form before they can game on site. The form is available on site or can be downloaded HERE.

Any under 16’s must be issued a full face mask by Spec Ops unless their parent/guardian has signed a waiver saying otherwise

No persons under the age of 11 years shall be permitted to participate.

Persons who have consumed any alcohol or taken any non-prescription drugs shall not be permitted to participate, please let the staff on site know if you are taking any prescribed medication that may affect you during the day.

First aid facilities are available on site at all times, and only administered by a suitably qualified member of staff

If you have any medical conditions (such as Asthma or Epilepsy) please let one of the staff know.

Pyrotechnics may only be purchased by players over the age of 18.  Under 18’s may use pyros, but only if purchased by their parent/guardian and used under their supervision

FPS limits are;

AEGs and pistols 350 FPS

Semi auto DMRs 350 FPS

Bolt action 500 FPS (with 30 metre minimum engagement distance)

All with 0.2g bbs

All weapons shall be chronographed before use on site.

All activities are carried out in accordance with HSE, UKASGB & UKARA guidelines.

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