Dorset’s most prestigious & award winning airsoft site

Spec Ops is a family run company, Winner of the Airsoft International magazines prestigious “ Players favourite site award”, We have been organising airsoft events since 2001 and are ably supported by our team of marshals. Selected for their maturity, airsoft gaming experience and helpfulness. First aiders are on site at all times and we have in place insurance, UKARA membership, risk assessments, method statements, vulnerable adult, youth and LBGTQ policies. There is a reception building which includes our shop and hot food facility. A large hardstand car park, Premium portaloos, Firing range, chronograph/tech support building and several large player shelters.

The Playing arena

In total we have access to 2300 acres but generally game on approximately 100 acres. Having so much land available to us means variety every game. A massive building programme has been in place over the last 3 years to enhance our natural features and woodland.

Games vary from CQB style, short themed attack and defend games or mission based scenarios

  • Take control of the Sniper Tower in the dark woods with its multiple barriers and dug outs
  • Practice your CQB skills attacking or defending the Village.
  • Seize control of the Bridge and its bases to dominate the river crossing
  • Not for the fainthearted. Immerse yourself in trench warfare. In our Trench and Bunker complex
  • Go into all out battle mode fighting for control of the Fort
  • Use all your skills to seize dominance of or defend the massive Tyre Base with its multi level control tower
  • Fight over the Helicopter complex with its field guns, HQ building and helicopter. Make sure you and your team “Get to the chopper”.
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