Q: What is airsoft?

A: Airsoft is a combat simulation game in which you use replica weapons firing 6mm plastic balls to “tag” your opposition.

Q: How old do I have to be to play?

A: Our minimum age is 11. Anyone under the age of 16 must be signed in by a parent or guardian and must wear a full face mask. (Please refer to the site rules).

Q: Are you CRB checked?

A: Yes, our staff are fully CRB checked and our player base covers all ages. The safety of all our players is our top priority.

Q: Do you have a first aider?

A: Yes, we have at least one qualified first aider on site at all times, with access to a first aid kit.

Q: Do you allow two tone rifles?

A: Yes, we have a growing number of players who use them and do not discriminate against them.

Q: Do you allow sniper rifles?

A: Yes, bolt action only. Any bolt action rifle over 350fps must have a 30m minimum engagement distance. Semi auto “DMRs” are not allowed above 350fps.

Q: Do you have a site technician?

A: Yes, we have a site technician.

Q: I want to start airsofting but I’m not sure how to start?

A: The best way to start is to book a rental rifle and play! Our staff and players are friendly and always happy to talk about the sport and kit needed.

Q: Do I have to pre book or can I just turn up and play?

A: There is no need to pre book if you or your group have your own kit. If you require rental rifles, please contact us during the week to ensure there are enough rifles available.

Q: Can I book parties, groups, or stag/hen do’s?

A: Yes, we can handle large groups of players and will even tailor a game day to suit your needs. Please contact us in advance for package prices and booking info.

Q: Do you have water on site?

A: No, unfortunately we do not have access to any running water sources.

Q: Do you offer UKARA membership?

A: Yes we are a UKARA registered site, and we also offer site membership, you can find the form here.

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